Dark Horse Plans Two CLAMP Books and a New Gantz Phase For February

Oh! My Goddess and a Pair of Samurai Comics Also Planne

After some slow months, Dark Horse's latest round of release solicitations proves to be rather fruitful for manga readers, with two CLAMP books, including their new Gate 7 and debut of violent sci-fi Gantz's "black" phase.


On sale Feb 15
b&w, 600 pages
TP, 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"
Now that Sakura has proven herself as a magician, she finds that there are other unnatural forces threatening her town . . . forces linked somehow to two mysterious transfer students who've just arrived—one attracted to her brother, the other attracted to her! Li and Sakura may be friends now instead of rivals, but if there's a rival for Sakura's affections, is he going back to Hong Kong . . . ?
• Book 3 contains thirty bonus Cardcaptor Sakura illustrations in full color!


Hiroya Oku (W/A)
On sale Feb 22
b&w, 208 pages
TP, 5 1/8" x 7 1/16"
A new chapter in the Gantz saga brings with it a new level of action and mayhem! The alien-hunting Gantz warriors are transported to their new mission, leaving behind their fallen comrades, Kurono and Izumi. Given no time to mourn, they find themselves in a completely unfamiliar location, well beyond the confines of Tokyo in the Dotombori district of Osaka. Even more surprising is an encounter with another group in Gantz suits. Are the members of this unknown team allies . . . or deadly new foes?  
• Gantz has sold over fifteen million copies in Japan!
• Includes color fold-out poster.

On sale Feb 29
b&w, 200 pages
5 1/8" x 7 3/16"
A strange dimension overlaps with our reality, sending magical creatures and bloodthirsty spellcasters against the Earth's protectors. As the newest member in Hana’s group, awkward high schooler Chikahito Takamoto is looked upon with puzzlement and suspicion by his older teammates. They don’t know how he can be immune to their powers, or if Chikahito has any latent powers of his own. Finding himself in the middle of this mystical war, Chikahito tries to make sense of his quirky, moody allies and his own feelings for Hana—a strong, short, and awfully cute warrior!
• A brand-new CLAMP manga, released just a few months after its release date in Japan!


Kosuke Fujishima (W/A)
On sale Feb 22
b&w, 248 pages
TP, 5 1/8" x 7 3/16"
Cutie meganekko (girl with glasses) Sora Hasegawa faces off against Keiichi in a crazy go-kart race through campus to settle who will lead the Motor Club. Keiichi has the experience . . . but Hasegawa is being trained by Belldandy! No more gap on your bookshelf, Oh My Goddess! fans—volume 20 completes the run of “classic” Oh My Goddess! volumes, previously released flopped, to be re-issued in Japanese reading order! Each volume of Oh My Goddess! contains fan art, letters, and commentary from the creator.
• The longest-running manga in the US!
• 2009 Kodansha Manga Award winner.


And, not manga but potentially of interest to manga readers


Adam Warren (W/A)
On sale Feb 29
b&w, 712 pages
HC, 6 1/2" x 9"
The steamy cape-and-tights comedy so outrageous that the bonds of regular graphic novels could not hold the laughs within, Empowered has expanded into a tome so massive that even the superpowered can barely lift it! Empowered Deluxe Edition Volume 1 collects between its rock-hard covers all the material from the first three Empowered volumes, plus several metric tons (okay, like forty pages) of top-secret, never-before-seen extras (except by Adam Warren, a few close friends, and some ninja), including the very first Empowered stories, sketches, logo variants, Adam’s story notes, and more, more, more! That's seven hundred pages, chief, and printed on way nice paper, too! Only you deserve so much!
• Hardcover edition, limited to one printing!
• Adam Warren is the first—and best—creator of original english-language (OEL) manga.


Ian Edginton (W), Vicenç Villagrasa (P), José Luis Río (I/C), Dan Jackson (C), and Long Vo (Cover)
On sale Dec 21
FC, 32 pages
Wrongly branded a traitor by his fellow samurai, Amane is attacked and left for dead. When he is found by a mysterious tattoo artist, his life is saved—and changed forever! Connected to an immortal oni through a mystical tattoo, he creates a new life for himself as Enma, an apprentice tattooist.
But Enma’s new life comes at a price he has yet to realize . . .
• Based on an acclaimed novel from Japan.


J. P. Kalonji (W/A) and Dan Jackson (C)
On sale Feb 15
b&w, 120 pages
TP, 6" x 9"
In ancient Japan, a witch seeks to use the warrior-monk Ningen’s enlightened body and spirit to resurrect a demon-samurai and unleash an era of chaos on an already-troubled country. After leaving the safety of his temple to protect poor commoners who are caught in bloody battles between feuding warlords, Ningen soon finds that several colorful bounty hunters are on his trail—seeking his head and his very lifeblood for the witch’s twisted spells!
• A stylish and violent standalone adventure from the creator of 365 Samurai.

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