VIDEO: "Maken-Ki!" Anime Promo with Voices

Kadokawa streams the fan-service-loaded trailer with additions

Maken-Ki! covers all the bases—action, romance, comedy, and loads of censored naughty bits—and the anime is set to premiere on Japanese TV October 4. Look below to watch the latest trailer, which, unlike previous promos, features voice acting.


The video below falls along the same lines as the last promo Kadokawa streamed, which means it's loaded with NSFW fanservice. Just a heads up. In fact, the only true difference between the two is that the new one features voice acting. See for yourself below. 



Based on Hiromitsu Takeda's manga—which kicked off in Dragon Age Pure in 2007 and has been running in Monthly Dragon Age since 2009—Maken-Ki! follows Takeru Oyama, a boy enrolled in a school where girls and boys alike fight with mysterious items known as Maken. The anime is directed by Burst Angel's Koichi Ohata, and is produced by AIC. 


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