VIDEO: "Monster Hunter 4" is Nintendo 3DS-Bound

Next full entry in Capcom's popular series revealed

There's been a lot of talk about Monster Hunter recently on Nintendo 3DS, but the announcement at Nintendo's 3DS press conference totally overshadows Monster Hunter 3G. Monster Hunter 4—the next entry in the storied series—is headed to Nintendo 3DS.


Not much information was given, but the trailer shown was definitely a major announcement for Japanese gamers. While Monster Hunter isn't popular in the states, they go wild for it in Japan, so having it land on 3DS is a pretty big deal. However, it's not yet known whether the title will be exclusive. Here's the trailer:



Far be it from anyone to actually forget 3G, though, as information was also shared on that title. It now has a Japanese release date of December 10, and will retail for ¥5,800. 


Attached image is from Monster Hunter 3

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