Fantagraphics Schedules Release of Shoujo Pioneer Moto Hagio's "Heart of Thomas"

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Moto Hagio is a "founding mother" of shoujo manga as part of the "Year 24 Group" who pioneered shoujo manga written by women, with a new perspective on gender identity issues and elements such as shōnen-ai.  Prior to the manga boom, Viz released her A-A' and They Were Eleven, but more recently, Fantagraphics made her work available to more manga readers with the short story collection Drunken Dream and Other Stories.  Now, Fantagraphics  has a second Moto Hagio release planned for next year. 



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Fantagraphics posted on their blog

Word has slipped out and is spreading around the Twittersphere like wildfire, so we thought we'd make it official: following our wildly successful edition of A Drunken Dream and Other Stories by Moto Hagio, we will be publishing Hagio-sensei's Heart of Thomas (Thomas no Shinzō /トーマの心臓 ), edited and translated by Matt Thorn, next year. The book is planned to be a $35.00, 8" x 10" 480-page hardcover, black and white with 16 pages of duotone (as seen above), and is currently scheduled for August 2012, subject to change.


We'll be posting more information about this book and our complete Spring/Summer 2012 lineup in the near future — stay tuned!


In other Fantagraphics news, @animeresearch notes that Amazon is now listing a May 29, 2012 release date for volume 3 of Wandering Son.  Volume 2 has been listed for January.   The anime version of the trangender drama is streaming on Crunchyroll under Japanese name Hourou Musuko.

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