Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Release Date for US, Europe, Limited Edition PS3 in Japan

Square-Enix gives US and EU RPG fans a very short wait

In a move that surprises nobody, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be seeing release in the United States and Europe.  Square-Enix has given word that the game will release in the US on January 31, 2012, and hitting Europe on February 3.  This is a really fast turnaround from the game's Japan debut on December 15, as opposed to the usual 6-12 month wait.


For truly die-hard collectors, there's a Japan-only special edition Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 that looks pretty nice.  Featuring art of FFXIII's leading Dragon Lady, Lightning, the system will cost 37,960 yen--about $495.


Anyone getting this on day one?  Or holding out hope for the special edition PS3 to make it out here?


via 1UP

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