"Super Smash Land" Puts Smash Bros. on Game Boy

Indie PC "demake" is now available for free

Ever wonder what Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series would look like on Game Boy circa 1991? Probably not, but PC indie developer Dan Fornace has the answer with Super Smash Land, available now as a free download.


From the greenish-hued graphics and tiny sprites to the music, Super Smash Land pretty much nails the feel of a classic Game Boy title. Check out the release trailer below:



There are only four playable fighters at the moment, but Fornace is adding Mega Man and a mystery female character to bring the roster up to six. Want to try it out for yourself? Go ahead! Super Smash Land is available as a free download right now.


The game's excellent GB-styled soundtrack by Brendan Becker, AKA InversePhase, is also available.


Via Destructoid

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