Robotech Roundup - News on A&E Collection, UK Release and Mari Iijima Concert

Legendary Mecha Anime Returning to DVD in October

Following the recent NDK convention, Harmony Gold's Tommy Yune posted an update on A&E's plans for releasing the well remembered Robotech localization of Tatsunoko-produced mecha anime The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA


via THE (unofficial) ROBOTECH REPORTER

A&E has completed authoring the DVDs and is now manufacturing them for release on October 18, 2011.

* Codename: Robotech, the extended version of the "Gloval's Report" recap episode, will not be part of the bonus disc set. However, Carl Macek's audio commentary about the making of Robotech has been adapted for inclusion with the alternate March 1985 version of the The Macross Saga episodes.

* To clarify, the alternate March 1985 version of the Robotech episodes are not the old audio mix that had been previously released on home video up until the ADV Legacy box sets. This is an even older version of the episodes that had been released for the original broadcast only in spring 1985 and had never been released on DVD.

* There are challenges to transferring from the original film reels to HD, one being that the footage was originally filmed in 16mm, not 35mm, so the materials have much more grain which would be pronounced in HD resolution. Therefore, this is something we're still working on -- the ideal is for the restoration technology to improve and costs to come down to hit a sweet spot for consumers.

* For those of you who prefer the older mono sound effects over the 5.1 mix, audio engineer Bob LaCivita has recommended turning down all the left/right/surround channels on your 5.1 surround tuner and leaving on only the center channel. For a little more "impact" to the playback, you can optionally leave on the subwoofer channel.

* An abridged version of Robotech: The Untold Story (the 1986 animated movie first released by Cannon Films) is confirmed to be part of this bonus disc set. Rather than being a loose collection of scenes minus the Megazone footage, it has undergone some editorial work to be a somewhat more cohesive standalone feature.

* An updated version of Robotech: The Sentinels is confirmed to be part of this set. It is a new edit that adds some new footage and trims others (mostly flashbacks) based on advice left by Carl Macek, as well as being digitally remastered.

* The audio of the updated version of the Sentinels is a conservative cleanup and noise removal of the original stereo track with no changes to the sound effects. The Spanish audio track will also be included.

* The English-language Macross television pilots (featuring the Robotech cast) will include both the 30-minute version previously released by ADV and the extended 70-minute version that had last been released on VHS and Beta in 1984.

* Other extras include new galleries, music videos, and other bonus video clips.

Fandom post reports Go Entertain has scheduled a UK release of the series for November 14th along the lines of A&E's plans.

Mari Iijima, best known as Robotech's idol singer Minmei, will be performing at a Hollywood We Heart Japan event

All proceeds for the event will be donated to Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund (

Date: October 1, 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Theater of Arts Arena Stage, 1625 N. Las Palmas, Hollywood, CA 90028
Price: $40 for general seating, $60 for premium seating + gift bag


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