"Space Battleship Yamato" Themed Cafe to Open in Tokyo

"Yamato Cafe Crew" sets sail Mon/19

Look out Long John Silver's...


The classic SF anime franchise Space Battleship Yamato, better known to US viewers as Star Blazers, is setting sail for the food and beverage biz.



The "Yamato Cafe Crew" resturant will open next Monday in Tokyo's ritzy Aoyama district. While no photos have been released yet, the official website mentions that a 5-meter long replica of the Yamato itself will be on display. Other highlights include limited edition Yamato goods for sale and gourmet pasta dishes. Expect more surprises, and lots of photos, when the "Yamato Cafe Crew" opens next week.


The live-action Space Battleship Yamato film was one of the hightest grossing entries at the Japanese box office in 2010. A new animated re-telling of the classic 1974 "Quest for Iscandar" storyline is currently in the works from Makoto Kobayashi, as is a new animated feature film.


Source: Starblazers.com Official Community on Facebook

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