Netflix DVD By Mail Becomes Qwikster

New company to mail videogames as well; Netflix continues streaming

Netflix Co-Founder and CEO Reed Hastings updated the company blog today to say that they are splitting up the streaming and mail service into two separate companies. Netflix will be the streaming brand and the mail service will become Qwikster, with Andy Rendich (who has been leading the DVD side of things for 4 years) as CEO of the new company.


Whether you think splitting up the two services—you'll have to maintain two separate accounts; reviews and credit card info, etc. don't sync—is a good idea or not, one idea that seems great is adding videogames. You'll be able to upgrade your Qwikster account, similar to how the Blu-ray upgrade works now, to rent Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 games. 


So who is ready to start Qwikstering?


via TechCrunch

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