From Software Punishes Early "Dark Souls" Players

The sentence? Facing off against a max-level enemy

Developers and publishers alike aren't fond of gamers getting their hands on titles before they're supposed to be out, but Dark Souls developer From Software has a unique way of punishing early-bird gamers in Japan: attacking them with a max-level enemy.


The enemy in question is a level 145 character with 1900HP and fully maxed-out abilities. From Software is systematically sending this whirling dervish of destruction into the games of those who obtained early copies and wiping them out the old fashioned way. Hooray for TV game death! 


This info comes from Esuteru—with translation by Edge—and serves as a humorous warning for anyone in Japan trying to roam the treacherous landscape of Dark Souls prior to its official September 22 street date. No matter the player's skill or level, running into this son of a gun is guaranteed death. 


Dark Souls is scheduled for a North American release on October 4, and a European release on October 7. Those who find themselves with a copy before that date might want to be wary of From Software's invincible terror!


Via 1up

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