New Streaming Anime From Hulu, Netflix and Right Stuf

Plenty of Series From The Anime Network Kick Off on Hulu


Hayao Miyazaki's 2004 Howl's Moving Castle is now streaming on Netflix.

In this engaging anime based on a children's fantasy novel, 18-year-old Sophie works in her late father's hat shop in a humdrum town. But things get interesting when she's transformed into an elderly woman by the evil Witch of the Waste (voiced by Lauren Bacall). Determined to reverse the spell, Sophie seeks the help of the wizard Howl, who has an amazing moving castle that's fueled by a fire demon named Calcifer. Hayao Miyazaki directs.



Right Stuf is now streaming the chronological first four episodes of Rental Magica on YouTube.  Like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the series originally aired out of order.  


Destroying supernatural monsters... dispelling dark magic... It's all in a day's work for the mages of Astral! However, after the mysterious disappearance of the company president, they're left in a lurch. His son, Itsuki Iba, begrudgingly fills in, but Itsuki's unfamiliarity with magic could spell bad news for Astral -- especially with their rival Goetia vying for the very same contracts. As the jobs grow ever more dangerous, they soon find that staying in business is the least of their worries.

A stack of Sentai Filmworks/Anime Network anime have been added Hulu.

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Samurai Girls

In an alternate 21st century, the ancient Tokugawa Shogunate is at the seat of power. An ominous shadow looms over Great Japan, and threatens to engulf the empire whole. Muneakira, a noble samurai summoned to take over the Yagyu dojo, finds himself as the bearer of an amazing power that he can't control. Things get even crazier when a girl falls from the sky, right onto his lap!

Allison and Lillia

The story takes place on a continent where two countries, the Confederation of Roxche and the United Kingdom of Bezel Iltoa, have been at war for most of their history. Allison is a pilot in the Roxche air force when she reunites with Will, her childhood friend. Together they find themselves in enemy territory, searching for a fabled treasure that will hbring peace to both countries.

Living For the Day After Tomorrow

Before you tell someone to grow ups Make sure you're ready to do it yourself! There are far worse things than having to deal with your ex-boyfriend's little sister or your older brother's ex-girlfriend. But that's something Karada Iokawa and Shoko Nogami have to learn the hard way when a magic wishing stone inexplicably grants Karada's wish to be older - by stealing the years from Shoko!

Shin Koihime Muso

Before Hua Mulan, before Wu Zetian, China bore another great hero, one whose true name was lost to history... until now. Swearing vengeance after bandits destroy her family and village, a girl named Aisha takes the name Kan'u and sets forth on a journey that will take her across the ruins of a great nation, living not as a woman "should," but by the strength of her own sword and the steel of her own will.


Angel Beats

Otonashi is a young boy living in the afterlife with no memories of his life before his death. He joins a school organization called the SSS whose mission is to fight against God.


Guin Saga

The powerful Mongaul have attacked the city of Parros, destroying everything and everyone as they seek a magical device that will give them control of the Middle Country. But the young prince and princess managed to escape, and are now hunted by Mongol warriors and the bloodthirsty Lady Amnelis. But there is a brave warrior who is their most powerful defender and the greatest hope for peace in the land - Guin.


Infinite Stratos

In the near future, superpowered exoskeletons called Infinite Stratos (IS) can only be piloted by women, which has revolutionized society. Ichika Orimura, younger brother of a famous pilot, is the first male who can pilot an IS, so he is forced to attend an all-girls' school and train under the scrunity of the government and his older sister, a teacher at the academy.


Maria Holic Alive

Kanako Miyamae is scared of boys and breaks out in hives if a boy touches her. During her second year of high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school hoping to find a romantic partner. However, her ideal candidate, Mariya Shid, turns out to be a sadistic cross-dressing boy.



Sisters Ai, Mai, Mii, their android maid Mea and pet ferret Unagi journey together through time and space without ever leaving their mansion. Following the clues of the strange dandelion-like "Popotan," the girls are theoretically seeking the person who has the answers to their most personal questions, but they seem to have more than enough time to take side trips along the way! Yet, the girls' ultimate destiny holds more than a few surprises of its own, and not every moment is filled with hilarity, as moving through time means having to leave friends behind as well.

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