More Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots Emerge

Formerly "Agito XIII," Japan-only release gets more details shown

We last got to see Final Fantasy Type-0's trailer a few months ago, showing off brief bits of gameplay, but focusing on cinematics and introducing us to the characters.


Famitsu recently showed a handful of excellent and interesting screenshots, giving us a better look at the game's real-time strategy battles and heavy-metal medieval look that reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy XII.  Yeah, I really liked that one.



Mystery woman DIVA tells the tale.


Lucy really reminds me of Lightning for some reason.


From the look of things, this is the type of game I'll play for days straight while not touching anything else.


Lucy's minion, Nimbus.  How much you wanna bet he's actually super bishie?


Holy crap, Diabolos!


Watch it only do like 5 damage... total.  That's the problem with low-level Gravity magic...


Poor little Aria, stuck in the middle of all this excitement.


Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago guest-star in another Japanese game--well, no, this is Gilgamesh and Enkidu.


Get ready to have your wallet gouged by Carla when you need information or items.


Resistance fighter Nagi calls himself "Everybody's Idol," but I'm surprised nobody's beaten that idea out of him after seeing that bandana.


I know I'm looking forward to this--I've been craving a new strategy game, and the new Fire Emblem is quite a ways away.  What about you?  Do you think this will ever get a stateside release?



via Famitsu

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