VIDEO: Sakuga Sunday: My Ordinary Weekend

Also, A Collection of Work by "Future Diary" Director Naoto Hosoda

We come to praise Nichijou, not bury it.  In  the latest look at sakuga, a collection of the best moments in full motion anime from the recently concluded anime (streaming on Crunchyroll), as well as more work by Redline animator Takafumi Hori, Future Diary director Naoto Hosoda and more.

Warning: May Contain Spoilers


Nichijou / My Ordinary Life Sakuga Collection


Fairy Tail MAD


Another Takafumi Hori MAD (for more, see last week)


Naoto Hosoda MAD


So Nagata's Animation Reel


Evangelion key animation


neat Hidetsugu Ito Doraemon clip

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