Word Fighter Adds some Spirit to Word Games

Vivaciously bludgeon your opponents' derrieres with vocabularic erudition

There are two games I spend an unhealthy amount of time with: Street Fighter (currently Third Strike Online) and Words with Friends, and dev team Feel Every Yummy seems to have the same two addictions.


They've mashed them together in the upcoming Word Fighter, a versus-based puzzle game that has the feel of Boggle, with characters (we'll get to them in a minute) choosing from a random selection of letters to create words for attacks, using those in combination with character-specific special attacks like forcing opponents to spell words backwards or let you resist damage.  Siliconera recently had hands-on time with the game, with all signs pointing to it being a fast, fun word game that rewards both quick reflexes and a good vocabulary.


Feel Every Yummy has only officially unveiled a few characters: gothic crow perch Edgar, mystery fangirl Agatha, and the transforming, dressed-for-Faire Brothers, but we have yet to see more on Jane, Homer, and Howie, who fights with a mini Cthulhu by his side.



Opinions on iOS and Android games vary among gamers, but I love how there's a lot of thought and heart put into these smaller productions.  Are you going to pick this up when it comes out?  Any authors you think should show up to exchange fightin' words?



via Siliconera

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