NIS America Eyeing Steam for Future Releases

Potentially good news for those who primarily game on PC

NIS America has long been one of the darlings of Japanese gaming among console and, especially, portable gamers. NIS brings over an astounding amount of games to PSP, for instance, but what's a PC gamer to do when they want a little Japanese love? Good news: it looks like NIS may have future plans for releases on Steam.


It all starts with the release of Clan of Champions, which was first announced for North America at TGS. While it's exclusive to PlayStation 3 in Japan as Gladiator Versus, Clan of Champions will be available in North America on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (through Steam). 


In addition to Clan, NIS America President Haru Akenaga alluded to future plans with Valve's PC download service in an interview with Siliconera. Though Akenaga didn't discuss specific titles, he did say NIS is "planning to do something seriously with Steam" and "in the future there may be a chance [to see other] Nippon Ichi titles on Steam."


Whatever comes of this beyond Clan of Champions, it's certainly great for PC gamers to hear even a hint of potential for some of NIS America's library to make its way to their platform of choice. 


Via Destructoid

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