Early Details for Dead Space 3 Leaked

In space, everybody can hear me scream and drop the controller

EA's Dead Space is one of the most popular new names in survival horror.  Isaac Clarke's constant habit of running into flesh-eating parasites wherever he goes always makes for a terrifying experience.


Israeli news program The Headlines visited EA Games' Redwood Shores office, and a sharp-eyed viewer caught a sign showing off the new sequel, Dead Space 3.  Since then, a steady trickle of leaks and information has come out, giving us a few hints as to what will be in store.


From what we know, Isaac crash-lands on an ice planet called Tau Volantis and is looking for Ellie, who also survived the crash, while working together with a new character named Jennifer.  EA hasn't said much about this new game's antagonists, as they're only referred to as "the hive mind."


Yeah, thanks EA, I'm really looking forward to dealing with another horrific army of quasi-undead trying to tear my face off while I use a bunch of futuristic tools to try and tear right back.  EA hasn't given an official announcement yet, but it's safe to say that with this leak, we can look forward to one soon thanks to the popularity of the series.


So what do you think is coming next?  More Unitarian shenanighans out in the middle of nowhere?



via IGN, details via 1UP

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