VIDEO: King of Fighters XIII's New US Release Date and Trailer

The long wait is over... after another, shorter wait

Constantly the major underdog in the face of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and later against the Tekkens and Virtua Fighters and Guilty Gears (so, pretty much everybody ever), The King of Fighters is the very definition of a cult favorite.  Its huge rotating cast of characters and team-based mechanics make it a solid and beloved addition to the fighting game pantheon.


Originally expecting KoF XIII to hit October 25, Atlus has announced that the latest addition to the series will instead be released on November 22nd.  Okay, so it's a bit of a wait, but at least it gives you time to finish up Arkham City or Dark Souls or whatever you were getting next month.


Almost as a very nice apology, Atlus showed a brand new trailer that certainly has me pumped.



I got a chance to play the cabinet of this at FanimeCon this past summer, and I have to say that flameless Iori is a whole new breed of brutal.  And seriously... SHEN.  Anybody have any teams they're looking forward to playing with, now in November?



via Siliconera

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