Japanese Release of "365 Days of Danboard" Book Scheduled

American Photographer Captures Yotsuba's Cardboard Buddy

Between 2009 and 2010, American photographer Arielle Nadel took pictures of a Revoltech figure based on the child's cardboard robot Danboard (or "Cardbo" in the ADV translation, or "Danbo" in Yen Press') from the manga Yotsuba&! Working with manga creator Kiyohiko Azuma, these photos, originally posted as part of the "365 Days of Danboard" series on sharing service Flickr, have now been collected in a new book, scheduled to be released in Japan next month. 



The 128-page, B6 size 365 Days of Danboard will be released in Japan on October 27th for 1,300 yen.



In tribute to the figure's Amazon variant, there will be an Amazon slip cover



© Arielle Nadel Photography, LLC  © Kiyohiko Azuma/Yotsuba Sutazio

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