"Journey" Slated for Spring 2012 PSN Release

Online adventure title from thatgamecompany dated (kind of)

Not long after releasing flOw as a free Flash title in 2006, Jenova Chen's thatgamecompany was tapped to release a reworked version on PlayStation Network, and that's where the developer's titles have been headed ever since. Next up is Journey, which has finally been given a release window of spring 2012 for PlayStation 3 (via PSN). 


Anyone who played 2009's Flower knows thatgamecompany is capable of crafting a sublime downloadable experience, and that looks to be the case with the latest from Chen and co. Here's a Journey trailer for those who've yet to see it:



Journey is an online adventure game, but not in the traditional sense. Players will come across others on their own quests across the land, and can choose to join and assist them should they so desire. Ultimately, though, like thatgamecompany's other titles, it seems Journey has the potential to be a profoundly personal experience. 


Chen, via the PlayStation blog: "While there is still a ton of care and polish needed, we can't wait to finally deliver Journey, TGC's take on an online adventure game … Like all of our games, Journey is an experiment. In the end, it's what you think that matters."


Via Joystiq

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