Hudson Has New "Bloody Roar" Fighter in Production

Company makes an unexpected announcement via Twitter

I haven't thought of Bloody Roar in quite some time. I'd wager the same goes for the majority of people reading this, but Hudson Soft is aiming to refresh our memories. Via Twitter, Hudson announced that a new Bloody Roar sequel is in production.


Other than hashtags like #BloodyRoarProject2012 and #BloodyRoar5, there's not much to report as far as titles or other specifics go. We'll just have to wait for Hudson to shed some more light on its project.


Hey, wanna take a trip back to 1997 with me? Let's have a look at a fight from the first Bloody Roar game, which made it to the original PlayStation after it debuted in arcades.



Via Joystiq

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