Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin Announced for 3DS

The first Harvest Moon to let you design your character and home

Harvest Moon is one of those series that never really has to have drastic changes, because its base formula works so well.  But over time, a lot of small changes have built up to make each individual title more "yours" than the previous one. 

This week's Famitsu announced Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin, which allows you to design your starting character's look, home, and ranch from the ground up--a first for the series.  Goodbye, generic Farmer Guy and Farmer Girl, you'll be missed when the game arrives in Japan in early 2012.


My only concern about this is if it will be too similar to Animal Crossing, but it'll be interesting to see if different character features and house decisions affect gameplay later down the line, like if potential marriage partners are put off by long hair or glasses or your terrible taste in furniture.  What about you?




via Siliconera

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