Hatsune Miku Concert Screening Events in Thailand, Brazil, France

In commemoration of the BD/DVD/CD release

Blu-ray, DVD, and live CD package of "Miku-Pa♪: Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011" will be released in Japan on November 16. Those editions include both the "Miku-Pa♪" event on May 9 at Zepp Tokyo, and the 2-day events on August 16-17 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Celebrating the release, the special screenings of the Sapporo concert will be held in the movie theaters outside Japan; Thailand, Brazil, and France. Does someone live in the areas? Can you join the party with Miku?


The schedule:


SF World Cinema    Bangkok, Thailand - October 30

UCI Cinemas Jardim Sul    Sao Paulo, Brazil - November 5

CGR Torcy      Paris, France - November 9


LIVE VIEWING JAPAN, the distribution company of the events, has already made a great success

with the live viewing event of the Sapporo concert in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea on August 17.



Source: Piapro blog

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