Nicalis to Publish Indie Game "VVVVVV" on 3DS

Flip-jumping platformer getting new features for portable version

The folks at Nicalis have had a hand in putting out some great indie stuff that originated on PC, perhaps most notably the WiiWare release of Cave Story. Next they'll be bringing Terry Cavanagh's awesome indie platformer VVVVVV to the Nintendo 3DS eShop.


VVVVVV is a solid throwback to simpler times, but the gameplay goes far beyond a mere nostalgia grab. Players must navigate the game's open, "Metroid-vania" style world by dexterously flipping gravity in lieu of normal jumping. It's fun, rewarding, and now it'll be available on the go, and in 3D.




Here's a trailer for the original VVVVVV if you'd like a sample of how it plays:



Some of the 3DS-specific features, aside from the 3D, include dual screen functionality with a real-time map, new featured levels, and future content updates. No release date is mentioned on Nicalis' blog entry, though according to 1up it should be set to arrive later this year.


The official VVVVVV site, for those who want to go ahead and give the original version a spin. Highly recommended game! Anyone here already play it?


Via Nobuooo

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