Four Added To Live Action "Ranma ½'" Cast

We have a Nabiki and a Kuno!

Last week, a large group of supporting cast was announced for the TV special live action adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's "martial arts sex comedy" manga Ranma ½.  While most of the family of the female lead was announced in that last batch, middle sister Nabiki Tendo was strangely missing.  However, if you were worried that the absence might suggest a slimming down of Takahashi's large character roster, fear not.  We have a Nabiki, a Tatewaki Kunō, a Hikaru Gosunkugi and an original character. 


The no longer missing Nabiki is played by model/actress Maki Nishiyama.  Stalker Hikaru Gosunkugi is played by Yuta Kanai (L change the WorLd, Ikigami, Kimi ni Todoke) and rival to the male lead Tatewaki Kunō is played by Kento Nagayama (Liar Game The Final Stage, Solanin).  Ryōsei Tayama (Kurosagi, GTO) plays original character Okamada.



Via Anime News Network

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