VIDEO: Help Fund the American Sailor Moon Fan Film? the preview and decide if it's worth your $$$

Oh man, is Sailor Moon back with a vengeance or what? With news that the reissued Sailor Moon manga has topped the American graphic novel sales charts, now comes a campaign to help fund a US fan film.

Says the indiegogo fundraising page for Sailor Moon The Movie:

"Sailor Moon The Movie is the original New York based, live-action feature film adapted from the classic Japanese series that is trying to raise funding in order to finally complete production. The project started with a group of Long Island junior high students all with an interest in Asian culture and the anime world, especially when it came to Sailor Moon.  This love for one of the most iconic series in animation history spawned the idea to create a collection of skits and musical performances based on the show to film and put together into a fan film, all for the sake of hanging out and having fun.Ten years later the idea to regroup the members and film a live action feature went from dream to reality and has slowly grown into what you see today and includes it's original director and many original cast members! For a long time Sailor Moon The Movie was entirely funded and produced by one individual, the same person who writes, directs and edits everything all on a zero dollar budget. In order to finish this production of Sailor Moon The Movie we need the help of fans and supporters like yourself! Please visit to see more videos, pictures, info and updates on our progress! Thanks!!"

So far, the filmmakers have raised $1,525 of their $3,000 goal. Take a look at the preview below and see if you're feeling particularly generous!



And here's the latest clip the production has released, featuring TUXEDO MASK!


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