"Batman: Arkham City" Gets Sinestro Corps Skin

PSN Voucher offered through limited Green Lantern Blu-Rays

It's safe to say that a bunch of our readers will be picking up Batman: Arkham City when it drops on October18, but how many of those doing so are also brave enough to purchase Green Lantern on Blu-Ray? If you fall in that camp, you'll receive a voucher for a Sinestro Corps skin for Batman.


The voucher is for a PlayStation Network download, and comes packaged in a limited run of the Green Lantern Extended Cut Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. Though this particular offer appears to be exclusive to Best Buy, there's always a chance the skin will eventually be made available via DLC along with other pre-order costumes. 




The Green Lantern Extended Cut combo pack is due out on October 14 if you want to get your hands on this while it's out there. 


Via Joystiq

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