VIDEO: New Trailer for PSP Horror Game "Corpse Party"

Dig deeper into the mind of this upcoming nightmare

When XSEED Games announced they would be publishing Corpse Party—a horror adventure title originally created in RPG Maker—the trailer provided was mostly concerned with establishing an unsettling atmosphere. Dig into the new trailer below for more story setup, and some nice pre-Halloween creepiness.



Corpse Party puts you in the role of a group of seven high school senior students, one junior student, and one senior high school English teacher. Through a story split into five chapters, they must explore the haunted elementary school and, well, try not to die or lose their minds in the process. A variety of vicious "Wrong Ends" await should you fail in the process.


XSEED Games is releasing Corpse Party exclusively on PSP through the PlayStation Store. There's no concrete date yet, but it's due out this fall.


Via PlayStation Blog

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