VIDEO: Sakuga Sunday - More Naruto Animator Annotations, Hayao Miyazaki Running Animation and More

A Selection of Classic Japanese MAD Compilations Too

This week's survey of sakuga, full motion in anime, includes a look at the running animation employed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, more animator annotations of Naruto and a round-up of classics.


New Naruto Animator Annotations


Hayao Miyazaki's Running Animation


has recently weekly a collection of classic Japanese MAD compilations, worth re-watching even if you've seen them before

Yutaka Nakamura Bones


Yoshiji Kigami KYOANI

You Yoshinari GAINAX


Akira Imamura SHAFT


A.Matsushima UFOTABLE


And, if you missed them earlier in the year or want another chance to re-watch them, good news, because the January and April highlight compilations have just been re-uploaded to YouTube.

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