Anime Director Mamoru Oshii Plans New Vampire Comedy

Anime/Manga Hybird Slated for Digital Platforms

Ghost in the Shell movie director Mamoru Oshii has revealed plans to develop a vampire comedy anime/manga hybrid to be distributed on digital platforms, starting with the iPad. Prior to becoming associated with serious, contemplative works such as Sky Crawlers and Patlabor, Oshii rose to prominence as the director of the first 106 episodes and two movies of the anime incarnation of Rumiko Takahashi's comedy Urusei Yatsura


Chimamire My Love (My Blood-Stained Love) will follow a timid schoolboy who meets a vampire girl at a blood donation site and begins engaging in slapstick ventures to fetch blood for her.


The complete work will be presented at the international short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France next February.


Via Anime News Network and Sports Hochi

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