"Blue Exorcist" Adventure-RPG Headed to PSP

Tackle Gehenna's worst as the Super Okumura Bros.

Like a lot of you, I recently finished Blue Exorcist and wanted more.  Well, that wish can come true with the recently-announced Blue Exorcist PSP game from Namco Bandai.  Unfortunately, no plans have been made for a release here, but one can always hope, especially when the game sounds as interesting as it does.


In an original story, you'll play as brothers Rin and Yukio and do battle with demons RPG-style, and develop your characters over the course of the story, which is broken into episodes.  By making different choices during gameplay, or whether you play as Rin or Yukio, you can change the story's direction.  You'll also be able to see the same events from different points of view.


What it most reminds me of is Mass Effect, where you can not only change the flow of the story with your own choices, but you can make characters stronger by strengthening bonds of friendship.  Blue Exorcist allows you to spend time with or talk to allied characters like plant-wielding healer Shiemi at the end of each episode, giving you a chance to strengthen their abilities or allow for powerful team-up techniques.


The game is slated for a winter release in Japan, and we can see from the screenshots that you have more than just Rin, Yukio, and Shiemi available--in fact, the only characters I don't see are Shura and that weird puppet guy.


This looks pretty well thought-out for an anime and manga tie-in game.  Who else is looking forward to this?  Anyone hoping for a stateside release?



via Siliconera

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