Happy Birthday, Xanxus from "Reborn!"

Would you believe...another anime character gets to eat cake today?

I’m starting to get the feeling that Japan is jealous of all our celebrating on Columbus Day or something…because not only can we mark birthdays for Naruto Uzumaki and Gintama’s Gintoki on 10/10/2011, but the fates have seen fit to make it the birthday for Xanxus from Reborn! as well.


The dead giveaway it seems are the two X’s in his name, which are roman numerals for the number 10 (that's 10/10 for those of you in the cheap seats).


While the occasion may not be quite as momentous as Naruto and Gintoki’s birthdays (at least for some people), that doesn’t mean that there’s no love for this villainous leader of the Varia in Japan. Just take a look…



Here's your Japanese lesson for the day. Those hiragana squiggles atop read, “Otanjyoubi omedetou” in Japanese, or “Happy Birthday” to you and me.



And in 2009, some zany fan did the only sensible thing one can do after buying a cake for a fictional character: put it up to the TV screen for a photo-op.



And where would we be without a picture of a Xanxus cosplayer woofin' down some cake?

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