Netflix Drops Qwikster DVD-by-Mail Service

Company still undetermined about game rentals

Well, that didn't last long. There was a major customer reaction when Netflix raised the price of its plan that combines online streaming and DVD-by-mail rental, and that outcry grew louder when Netflix decided to split the mail rentals into a separate service called Qwikster. Now, that service is no more.


Like a wino waking up from a long bender, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has announced the decision to keep all the services under one name, account, and website. There will be no Qwikster. Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey added to Hastings's statement: "We underestimated the appeal of a single Web site and a single service … We greatly underestimated it."


Maybe it was the public reaction, or maybe Netflix just got sick of trying to buy the Qwikster Twitter handle from a lazy stoner.


Either way, it appears things are going back to normal. However, it's unclear whether or not Netflix will follow through with the videogame rental plans it had for Qwikster. For the time being, that aspect of the service is "to be determined." 

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