VIDEO: "Hitman: Absolution" Shows off Massive Gameplay Demo

Square-Enix gives a 17-minute preview of the next stealth-action installment

I am terrible at stealth games.  I John McClane my way through every Splinter Cell game, and every time I play Metal Gear Solid 3, I have a long, long walk down the Sorrow's river because I end up starting World War III every ten minutes.


Unless, of course, I'm playing a Hitman game, and then I'm the terror that flaps in the night, slipping in through the basement dressed as a waiter to poison just the target's wine glass and personally delivering it, then quietly leaving dressed as a delivery man.


When Square-Enix first announced Hitman: Absolution earlier this year, it showed a very action-heavy trailer and a lot of gunplay, leading fans to worry about whether or not Hitman had turned into a dedicated cover shooter instead of the open-ended stealth game it had always been.


Through Machinima, Square-Enix has put those fears to rest with a tense seventeen-minute gameplay demo that shows Agent 47, the titular Hitman, unarmed and sneaking his way out of an abandoned library, with policemen actively searching for him.  The game has also made a few interesting changes, like how the suspicion meter from previous games is more intuitive, showing up as an arrow telling you where a threat is coming from, and allowing 47 to "predict" guards' paths in something similar to Arkham Asylum's detective vision.


"Silence please" indeed, I don't know if there was any safe, quiet way to get out of some of those situations.  I love how light plays such an important part in this game, without resorting to the lightbulb-shooting antics of the Splinter Cell games.  Who else is looking forward to getting into the suit and gloves of 47 and stealing everybody's clothes all over again?




via Machinima

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