"A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives" Game Scheduled for PSP

Supernatural Student Council Story Comes to Sony's Portable

Takaya Kagami and Yuu Kamiya's A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives light novel series—recently adapted into an anime streaming on Crunchyroll—will also be adapted into a game courtesy of Kadokawa. The PSP release is scheduled to hit Japan on December 22.


Crunchyroll's description of the anime:

Freshman Kurogane Taito was always an ordinary, regular guy, except for a promise made to the beautiful vampire, Saitohimea nine years ago. However, when Taito is reunited back with Saitohmea, he and his group of friends are about to see their lives completely changed. Unbeknownst to them, their destinies were already woven and foretold in an ancient prophecy...

Via Siliconera

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