Nightwing to Join "Arkham City" Cast as DLC

The original Robin (and current Batman) gets his own moveset and gadgets

Arkham City arrives in exactly one week, allowing us free reign as Batman around a slum in the middle of Gotham populated by the worst criminals the Caped Crusader's history has to offer.  That already sounds great, but a new announcement shows that one more member of the Bat-family will be joining the fight: Nightwing, the original Robin graduated to his own costume and his own town.


The Nightwing Bundle Pack, scheduled for November 1st, will include two new challenge maps, Wayne Manor and Main Hall, and has Nightwing as more than just a skin for Batman.  Like the previously-announced Catwoman and Robin, he'll have his own unique moveset and a personalized arsenal of gadgets and weapons.  The DLC pack also includes a Batman: The Animated Series skin for Nightwing.


A later DLC, scheduled for November 22, will include Robin available for everyone, but further content has not been mentioned for the Robin Bundle Pack.


After giving Tim/Robin a goofy Eminem crew-cut, I'm surprised at how faithful they were to Dick Grayson's design.  Nightwing is more or less my all-time favorite DC character (thanks to Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel's amazing run), so it's nice to let me do ridiculously acrobatic escrima with the Arkham games' excellent combat engine.  What do you think?  Are you going to be picking this DLC up?




via Siliconera

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