TOKYOPOP Returns... Kind Of

Former manga publisher's name lives on as GeekChicDaily newsletter

Despite closing its publishing doors on May 31, Tokyopop has remained active in some ways on Facebook, leading some to wonder just what's next for the company. The unexpected answer: GeekChicDaily is launching TOKYOPOP as an otaku and Asian pop-culture newsletter. 


Via TOKYOPOP's Facebook page today: 

"Loyal Fans, we're very thrilled by your excitement but need to clarify: unfortunately we are not re-launching the manga - those properties have reverted to their owners and are amazingly difficult to get back. We’re launching an all new editorial TOKYOPOP newsletter about all things otaku and Asian pop-culture, powered by our friends at GeekChicDaily. We think you’ll really enjoy the news we’ll be bringing and apologize for the initial misunderstanding."

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