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Gundam AGE, Char Aznable 3DS, and Mobile Games Make Debuts

Gundam AGE, the new, younger audience focused incarnation of the mech war franchise, driven by Level 5's (Professor Layton) Akihiro Hino, has launched on Japanese TV and online. Gundam.Info has begun streaming the show through YouTube, with some notable restrictions. 


While an English subtitled version of the show is streaming, the content is region locked to South Asia.


The first Blu-ray volume of the Gundam AGE is scheduled to be released in Japan on February 10th.


What you can watch is the preview for Level-5's upcoming Gundam AGE RPG for the PSP. The game, scheduled to hit Japan next summer, promises recount a century of Gundam AGE history.



Meanwhile, Bandai Namco has revealed details for a special SD Gundam G Generation 3D/Nintendo 3DS bundle in the motif of Mobile Suit Gundam antagonist Char Aznable for ¥21,090. The Char 3DS will be released in Japan on December 22nd.



As a bonus exclusively for bundle buyers, Namco Bandai will throw in a Gundam Tri Age AR card featuring a Char Zack II Mobile Suit. Buyers of both the standard and bundle versions will get a Gundam Tri Age card featuring Gundam Age-1 Normal.



Siliconera reports that Bandai Namco has added the Gundam Dynames and Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L mobile suits to the PlayStation 3 port of arcade game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs.



Bandai Namco recently launched an iOS based augmented reality Mobile Suit Gundam Area Wars in Japan.  iPhone's camera, gyroscope and GPS are used to state location based battles.



Bandai Namco also announced that GREE network social game Gundam Masters grew to one million users between its September 1 launch and October 3rd. Back in July, Bandai announced that its Mobage based Gundam Royale social game crew to 3 million users following that game's December 2010 launch.

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