Visual Kei Originator DEAD END Live on Ustream Today

Great influence on LUNA SEA, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and many others

Ustream will broadcast a live concert of a Japanese rock band DEAD END, one of the originators of Visual Kei bands today, on 7:00 pm October 13 (JST), 3:00 am October 13 (PDT).


The band was formed in Tokyo in the end of 1984 and had a great influence on the developing Visual Kei scene in the 1990s with their appearances and music style. They disbanded in 1990 once, then reunited in 2009 after 20 years. They have released five original albums and three live albums. Metal Blade Records released their second album of 1987 "Ghost of Romance" and third album of 1988 "shámbara" in the United States. Today's live at Shibuya O-West is the final day of their already sold-out three day tour "Death Ace 2011".


The present members are:

    MORRIE  (Vocal)

    YOU    (Guitar)

    CRAZY COOL JOE  (Bass)


[DEAD END official site]



"Conception" Short PV

"Princess" PV


DEAD END in the early 80's

DEAD END in 2011


Source: RO69


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