Halo Anniversary's Kinect Functionality Detailed

Yell at Master Chief in 343 Industries' "Combat Evolved" update

Word of Kinect functionality for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary—the updated 360 version of Bungie's Xbox original—came out of Tokyo Game Show this year, but we're just now finding out exactly what that entails. 


Attendees of New York Comic Con's Halo panel finally got the scoop this past weekend, and it turns out that Microsoft's motion sensor will be used in a few different, voice-activated ways. In "Anniversary Mode," for example, players can use Kinect voice commands to analyze enemies, which transfers the info into an in-game database.


Of course, you can also simply use Kinect to shout commands like "Grenade!" and "Reload weapon!" to make Master Chief do just that. 


That seems to be about it, but a video showcasing the additions is on the way. Is this what you expected out of Halo's use of Kinect? It's certainly good news for those who can't help but yell at the screen at the top of their lungs while playing.


Via Joystiq

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