Inside the 2012 Masamune Shirow Calendar

Military Girl Pin-Ups From Influential Ghost in the Shell Creator

These days, it's rare for Ghost in the Shell/Appleseed creator Masamune Shirow to produce new manga, but he can still be counted on to illustrate calendars and the like. His 2012 calendar will be titled, "Saber Tooth Cats 4," and it promises to present 14 military beauties from the Galhound and Hellhound illustration series in his "galgrease" style. Goes on sale in Japan on October 29th for 1890 yen. 


Contents include:

The cover illustration "GALHOUND" (Cyril Brooklyn)
Content (Preface) "GALHOUND" (Cyril Brooklyn)
Mon · 1 "HELLHOUND" (Shion)
Mon · 2 "GALHOUND" (Iris Haretto)
Mon · 3 "GALHOUND" (Garionaronnu)
Mon · 4 "GALHOUND" (Iris Haretto)
Mon · 5 "GALHOUND" (Anya anion)
Mon · 6 "GALHOUND" (Cyril Brooklyn)
Mon · 7 "GALHOUND" (Garionaronnu)
Mon · 8 "GALHOUND" (Anya anion)
Mon · 9 "GALHOUND" (Marina Hayami)
Mon · 10 "GALHOUND" (Cyril Brooklyn)
Mon · 11 "GALHOUND" (Cyril Brooklyn)
Mon · 12 "HELLHOUND" (Shion)






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