VIDEO: "Bricks of War" Recreates "Gears of War" in Lego Form

When you see it, certain bodily functions involving bricks will occur

We've seen several times that I really like Gears of War, especially the most recent game, Gears of War 3.


But apparently, stop-motion animators Kooberz Studios like Gears even more than I do, as evidenced by Bricks of War, a hilariously accurate portrayal of some of the Gears campaign... but told with Lego minifigs.



Honestly, I thought that thing at the end was a One Shot.  I love the blood effects and how they were able to accurately represent the games' arsenal just using combinations of actual Lego weapons and accessories.


What about you?  Anybody else now hoping for a Lego Gears of War?

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