"Zetman" gets Anime Adaptation

Intense sci-fi action manga gets the anime treatment in 2012

Zetman brings me back to the days when anime and manga were fresh and new and exciting.  It's a high-energy series that would do exceptionally well in animation, and as if to answer my prayers, the promo band on the recently-released-in-Japan 16th volume of Zetman has announced that an anime adaptation is coming in April of 2012.


If anything, Zetman reminds me of a modernized take on The Guyver, as the sci-fi actioner (currently running in Weekly Young Jump, home of extra-manly fare like GANTZ, Real, and TOUGH) focuses on dueling heroes ZET (with latent superhuman abilities) and Alphasz (who fights with powerful technology), and their battles against mysterious, murderous creatures known as Players.  Corporate conspiracies and dark family histories also add to the drama and tension.


Anyone else pumped for this?  It's nice to see the harder side of manga being made into anime, just for variety's sake.  Any other seinen series you'd like to see animated?



via Otaku.com

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