Additional "Hayate the Combat Butler" Anime Confirmed

Recent Movie To be Packaged With Manga Collection

Back in August, the special "volume 99" promo for the Hayate: The Combat Butler: Heaven is a Place on Earth anime movie suggested that more Hayate anime was in the works. Though the format is still unannounced, the Japanese release of the 30th volume of Kenjiro Hata's original manga is being accompanied by a confirmation that a new anime is in fact being developed.


A special edition of the manga's 31st volume, set to be released on December 16th, will be packaged with the movie.


So far the franchise has had a 52-episode TV series, Hayate no Gotoku!, animated by SynergySP, a 25-episode second TV series, Hayate no Gotoku!!, animated by JCStaff, and the movie animated by Manglobe.


via Mantan Web and La Ventana de Saouri 2.0

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