VIDEO: "Onechanbara Z: Kagura" First Impressions Trailer

Bust out against the undead with new leads Kagura and Saaya

So a while back, we mentioned that there would be a new Onechanbara game, quite appropriately released over here as Bikini Samurai Squad.


A trailer for the upcoming XBox 360-exclusive Onechanbara Z: Kagura shows more of new protagonists Kagura and Saaya, or as I call them, Bikini Swordswoman and Chainsaw Schoolgirl, and some of the lightning-fast undead-pureeing action you'll get to enjoy in the game.



As part of the Simple series, my expectations for this game were kind of low anyways, but I have to admit that Bikini Samurai Squad was a lot of shameless fun, and this looks to carry on that tradition.  What about you?  Anybody up for some wannabe Dead or Alive Xtreme shenanighans with lots of combat?



via Famitsu

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