"Code of Princess" is "Guardian Heroes" Plus "Queen's Blade"

Classic-styled beat 'em up action with modern-styled fanservice, er... action

I like art.  This is pretty obvious.  One of my favorite artists is Kinu Nishimura, who handled the art and character designs for Street Fighter II and III, both Capcom vs. SNK games, and under-the-radar Dreamcast gem Cannon Spike.  Her most recent project is with a brawler titled Code of Princess, about a strategically-armored princess who takes up a sacred blade to protect her kingdom and smash an uprising of monsters.








Looks like I got my wish for another side-scrolling Dungeons & Dragons game.  The 3DS exclusive looks to have fast-paced beat 'em up action with RPG elements like experience points and level building, so just one playthrough definitely won't be enough.  Code of Princess hits Japan in spring of 2012.


Anyone else looking forward to this?  Anyone have any stories of showing up at an arcade to play a brawler like this and burning through an entire roll of quarters?



via Famitsu

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