Rooney Mara Walks Away From Hollywood Remake of "Old Boy"

One Twisted Tale Too Many For In-Demand Actress?

Indie Wire notes that Rooney Mara, the star of David Fincher's upcoming Hollywood adaptation of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. has passed on the controversial female lead role in Spike Lee's remake of the Korean movie Oldboy. Indie Wire goes on to speculate that the adaptation of the psychologically torturous manga would have been a bit much for the IT actress after the adaptation of the psychologically torturous novel.


The original Oldboy manga by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi manga, previously adapted into a lauded Korean Korean movie by Park Chan-wook, follows a man hunting for the reason why someone locked him in a private prison for a decade. 


Josh Brolin has been confirmed as the antihero of the Spike Lee project, while Christian Bale is in talks for the villain. The new Oldboy has a script adapted by Mark Protosevich, who will co-produce.

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