Gakken to Release Yuri Themed "Megami Magazine Lily"

No yuri goggles needed here

Gakken, who also publishes the monthly bishoujo magazine Megami Magazine and the monthly anime information magazine Animedia, will be releasing a special yuri themed version of Megami Magazine called Megami Magazine Lily on October 31st. The cover for the December issue of the magazine will be from YuruYuri. The name Lily derives from one of meanings of yuri (百合). Although retailers are calling it the December issue, there is no indication this will be published as more than a one-shot yet.


The description of the magazine roughly translates as follows:

A magazine with a keyword of "yuri," fantasizing about the friendship between girls. The cover will be from the current rage Yuruyuri with a 30 page opening feature. Other exclusive sections will be from popular works such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Strike Witches.


via Ota-suke

Image ©Namori/Ichijinsha, Nanamori-chuu Gorakubu

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