A Sneak Peek Inside the Harajuku Evangelion Store

Unit 01 Wallets, NERV sweatshirts, Nervous Neighbors

Way back in July, Crunchyroll News reported that construction work was underway on a Neon Genesis Evangelion themed store deep within the heart of Tokyo’s hyper trendy Harajuku district. Now, Tokyo Walker has posted additional info about the store, set to open this November 23rd, and has offered images of some of the exclusive goods for sale.



Here’s an artists’ rendering of what the final store will look like when it opens next month. The first floor of this 2-story building will specialize in fashion apparel (hey, this is Harajuku after all), while the second floor will be devoted to a wide variety of Eva goods that will appeal to both hardcore and causal Eva fans. And, when the third film in the new Rebuild of Evangelion series is released in fall 2012, the store will also double as an “event space” for publicity duties.



And here's some NERV logo sweatshirts, a sampling of the designer-y “collaboration goods” that the store will sell. No pricing info has been released yet, but I predict: they won’t be cheap.



Ok, this is pretty sweet: a leather and sheepskin wallet based on the facial design of EVA Unit 01. 



 Let’s hope it doesn’t go into “berserk” mode in the back of someone’s pocket...



And finally, here’s a look at two posters advertising the store: one featuring Unit 01 and the other featuring Rei Ayanami. Expect these to "go missing" wherever they are hung.


Personally, I’m fine with a store like this opening up anywhere, but I have heard some grumbling from Tokyo fashionistas that they’d prefer it if “otaku stuff stays in Akihabara.” Either way, I might try and check out the opening on 11/23 in the hopes there's full-on protests and riots between both camps. 


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