Squid Girl Blu-ray's Bamboo Boats Invaded by Black Mini-Squid Girls

Bamboo boat replicas were to be included in limited edition blu-ray volume 2

Squid Girl might be taking this week off from TV but the invasion still continues. As previously mentioned, the 2nd limited edition Blu-ray for Squid Girl Season 2 (aka Shinryaku!? Ika Musume) will contain a replica of the Black Tiger #1 bamboo boat from episode 4. The IKAMUSUMEdegeso youtube channel is streaming a promotion video for this... sorta...



Wait, who is that at the end? Huh... what's this news entry...


(Black Squid Girl: Black Squid Girl has commandeered the Black Tiger #1!!)


Pony Canyon has announced on the Ika Musume PR blog that, as they were hinting, Black Mini-Squid Girls have squidjacked the boats! As such, the 1/1 scale figure "Black Mini-Squid Girl & Black Tiger #1" will now be included in the first press limited edition blu-ray release of volume 2, which goes on sale January 18th, 2012. A production photo of the figure can be found on the blog.


The other Mini-Squid Girl shown in the commercial above previously invaded the volume 3 limited edition blu-ray of the first season and is not included with the boat.


Source: "Umi no Ie Lemon" Gyomu Nisshi (Pony Canyon Ika Musume PR Blog) via Yaraon!

Image ©Masahiro Anbe (Weekly Shonen Champion) / Umi no Ie Lemon Ni-go ten

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