Elementary Schooler Racks Up 1 Million Yen in Gaming Charges Without Permission

Parents, watch your credit cards.

Yomiuri Online reports today that incidents in which kids take their parents' credit cards to pay for online games are on the rise. In Hyogo prefecture, 46 cases were investigated last year, which is almost 2.5 times the number investigated in 2007.


In one, an eleven-year-old boy spent more than one million yen (over $13,000 US) on his mom's card over the course of repeated micro-transctions for in-game items after learning how to buy them via a friend. In another case, an eight-year-old girl spent 50,000 yen (over $600 US) buying items in a free-to-play cell phone game. 


I guess these kids are...grounded? Hyogo prefecture has a couple recommendations for parents: one, to not be so easy-going about letting kids enter credit card numbers, and two, to implement limits on cell phone gaming where provided by phone companies, if necessary.


via Hachima Kikou

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